Edwin Stickle for Congress

Washington’s Congressional District 2

Experience, Caring and Dedication.

I am running for congress this year to help refocus the federal government on many of the things that really matter to the voters of Northwest Washington.  I have been frustrated by congress's lack of interest in reforming Medicare and other parts of the government funded health care system.  The benefits that we assume we are paying our taxes for no longer match the care that medicare pays for.  Medicare needs adult supervision in congress.  Right now what we appear to have is adult indifference and ignorance.  

Besides my medical training and experience I am also a trained and licensed airplane mechanic (A and P) so I will be standing up for and voting for aviation and industrial programs that benefit all the voters in this district who work in Aviation and other Industrial jobs.  

I am asking for your vote in the upcoming August primary election.  If you value your health and your medical future and if you have some connection to the aviation industry then I am your best candidate. 

On August 6, 2024, vote for Edwin Stickle for Congress

Washington’s Congressional District 2.